Well, bloody hell Rocky you did us proud last night. We lit up the Showgrounds and turned it pink!

In the lead-up, to our meeting, we ran into a few semi-expected issues with our chief steward getting stuck in the Gympie floods with our transponders! A late-minute scramble meant we switched stewards and are grateful that Sean Butcher could make the run-up to joining us. It also meant that our tower team was scrambling and left Andrea manually lap scoring. Thanks, Andrea and Valinda for always adapting to your surroundings and never complaining!

We started the afternoon with rain front which people always think will wipe us out. As per usual our team banded together and reprepped the track, shoveled drains and took the top off to produce a stellar track; many drivers commenting how fast it was by the end of the night!

This was the first blue ribbon event for Street Stocks locally and they put on the best show! The feature was stellar with many leading until Peter Thompson took the flag in the end.

We saw some fantastic racing from the juniors, production sedans, modifieds, AMCA’s, and F500s. We are always so proud of the show we put on in Rocky!

We saw Tash and Daryl take on the hot laps in the Super Sedan and the Super Stocker. Huge thanks to Bob McCosker from McCosker Contracting and Anthony Pearce from Team PMS for the use of their cars. This raised huge funds for Breast Screen CQ and really kicked off our fundraiser.

Once again CQ businesses showed us how generous they are even when they’ve had super tough months with the continuation of Covid restrictions. Please make sure you support these businesses! Without them, we can’t do the things we do. Our multi-draw raffle went off! There were some truly beautiful prizes and we are soo grateful.

In the bar, you would have seen some of our favorite speedway volunteers. Speedway would not run without our volunteers. So this is a huge shout-out to the Smithwick, Pearce, and Thomas families. There are too many volunteers to thank individually but these three families put in a HUGE effort and without them, our meetings wouldn’t run as smoothly. Leanne Smithwick is the most dedicated volunteer I’ve ever seen. She runs and runs and runs and is soo important to us and our speedway community. She doesn’t get paid and does this just because she and her kids love the sport. Thank you Leanne for everything you do. I hope you know how precious to us you are

Sharon, Leanne, and Beau looked fantastic in their dress up’s last night and Beau scored plenty of tips for the donation tin for flashing his boobs!

We are still tallying our final donation to BreastScreen CQ but our running tally (which I’m not giving away yet) has well exceeded our expectations. There were a few tears last night over what we managed to pull off but we couldn’t have done it without you!

The final clean is still underway at the track and I’m sure after what we saw in the bar last night there would be a few sore heads this morning

Finally, I’d like to mention our race families down south. Please, we hope you are staying safe and strong. Band together – if the south clubs are anything like our local club, we know that no matter how bad the floods are you will come back bigger and stronger than before. We are thinking of you

Thank you, Rockhampton for helping us to put on a fantastic show! We can’t wait to let you know our donation tally!

With Love, Jess

RSCC Secretary


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Well, bloody hell Rocky you did us proud last night. We lit up the Showgrounds and turned it pink! In the lead-up, to our meeting,

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