Season 2018-2019 Race Results

Round One - 29-09-2018 Results

Opening Night at Rockhampton Speedway


Ford Street Mechanical proudly sponsoring McCosker Rocky Speedway
Rockhampton Regional Council proudly sponsoring McCosker Rocky Speedway

Podium Results for Saturday 29-09-2018

Ford Street Mechanical Street Stocks

  • 1st:   Nathan Barber
  • 2nd:  Kane Heidke
  • 3rd:  Brandon Hough

Super Stockers

  • 1st:   Lee Briske
  • 2nd:  Anthony Uhl
  • 3rd:   DJ Lennon

Junior Top Stars

  • 1st:   Mason Cameron
  • 2nd:  Braith Hogan
  • 3rd:  Michael Larsen

Junior New Stars

  • 1st:   Jackson Thomas
  • 2nd:  Bailey Barnicoat
  • 3rd:  Breanna Larsen

Super Sedans

  • 1st:   Bob McCosker
  • 2nd:  Leigh Williams
  • 3rd:  Graeme Elliot

Production Sedans

  • 1st:   Kevin Young
  • 2nd:  Nick Cook
  • 3rd:  Scott Black


  • 1st:   Cody Simmons
  • 2nd:  Nathan Tomkins
  • 3rd:  Grahame Giles

Full Race Details

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