McCosker Rocky Speedway

Rockhampton City Raceway is centrally located at the Rockhampton Showground's, situated within the city boundary some 1.5 km from the main post office. Rockhampton showgrounds have been the home for Rockhampton Speedway where motorcycles have raced the circuit since November 1925, being one of the first venues to race under lights.

In recent times Rockhampton Showground's has undergone a major refurbishment taking on a six million dollar facelift and capital upgrade. The pits at Rockhampton City Raceway were a major part of the six million dollar face-lift; the entire facility was converted to underground power with transformer upgrades. The total area of the pits covers some three acres and is fully lit hosting abundant power & water facilities. Bitumen roads connect the pits to the racing circuit. Pit facilities would host 200+ Nominations.

The Rockhampton showgrounds have the capacity and associated facilities to cater for 8000 spectators comfortably. The major grandstand facility is the largest grandstand of its type located at any speedway venue in Queensland. The Rockhampton City Raceway is 440 metres in length comprising of clay and granite mixed surface contained by a 1.2-metre high concrete wall and a newly erected 3.3-metre high catch fence.

Hot food canteens operate at two (2) outlets around the track. There is also a licensed bar elevated above fence height.

The Rockhampton Speedway is under the control of the Rockhampton Saloon Car Club Inc. If you would like to become a member or renew your membership here is a helpful link to the downloadable membership form.


Rocky Round Up, Done and Dusted


From left, Mick Adams from Grizzlys Towing and Freight, Brad Scherer BB30 - Hard Charger, Rory Evans, Joel Berkley, Michael Johnson, Luke Wieden - Best Presented, Gillian Koch - Club Secretary

The Roundup on the "Round Up"

Wow what a great night at the McCosker Speedway.

Another year has been run and won for our Production Sedans Rocky Round Up! This year sponsored by FSA-Freight Solutions Rockhampton, MGK Services Alpha-Markson, JR Industries-Joel Thomas, Grizzlys Towing and Freight Rockhampton- Mick Adams, Down Under Graphics. With out these great sponsors then events like this would not happen. A huge thank you to you all for kindly support this event.

After a great exciting and at times very closely raced heats and feature, here are our winners.

  • 1st - Joel Berkley A1
  • 2nd - Michael Johnson RK2
  • 3rd - Rory Evans G97

Trophies proudly sponsored by JR Industries

  • Hard Charger Brad Scherer - BB30
  • Best Presented Luke Wieden RK44

Trophies for Hard Charger and Best Presented proudly sponsored by Grizzlys Towing and Freight.


SSA Production Sedan

Rocky Round Up

Saturday 7th December 2019



Podium Results for the Rocky Round Up

Top Three Places for Each Division Raced

SSA Production Sedans

Rocky Round Up

  • 1st:    Joel Berkley A1
  • 2nd:   Michael Johnson RK2 
  • 3rd:    Rory Evans G97 

SSA Junior Sedans Top Stars

  • 1st:    Mason Cameron RK22
  • 2nd:   Brandyn Thomas RK55
  • 3rd:    Harry Doyle RK51

SSA Junior Sedans New Stars

  • 1st:    Tristan Lowther RK09
  • 2nd:   Tyson Jennings RK33
  • 3rd:    Braith Thomas RK41

SSA Street Stock

  • 1st:    Tony Wust RK67
  • 2nd:    Michelle Barbeler SB81
  • 3rd:    Roger Langley RK888

Formula 500's

  • 1st:     Cohen Archer 56
  • 2nd:    Jake Downs 22
  • 3rd:     Ross Dunstan 35

For the Full Results

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a link to MyLaps Speedhive for race times and results from Rockhampton Speedway

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Season 2019 - 2020 banner image

Welcome to our new Committee

  • President:
    • Matt Thomas
  • Vice Presidents:
    • Daniel Pearce
    • Gillian Koch
  • Treasurers:
    • DJ Lennon
    • Sue Storer
  • Secretary:
    • Andrea Newton


  • Vice Secretaries:
    • Dakota Smithwick
    • Jessica Bramham



2019/2020 Season Race Calendar

2019/2020 Season Race Calendar

Rocky Speedway 2019-20 Race Calendar


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