A Division Controlled by Rockhampton Saloon Car Club

RSCC Super Stockers Specification Book

RSCC Super Stockers are a state-based racing division under the control of the Rockhampton Saloon Car Club. The cars are of mono construction and are usually Holden Commodores or Ford Falcons.

Super Stockers can be powered by either Rotary, four-cylinder, six-cylinder or V8 engines.

These cars are registered annually through the RSCC which is based at Rockhampton Speedway. All cars must also comply with the Speedway Australia safety rules.

RSCC Super Stockers Registration

The RSCC Super Stockers require annual registration. This registration is organised through the Rockhampton Saloon Car Club. The daylight inspections are also arranged by the club. To begin this process a registration form needs to be completed and a small fee paid.

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RSCC Super Stockers Spec Book

The Rockhampton Saloon Car Club Inc. (RSCC) Technical Committee under the guidance of the Management Committee, has released the latest version of our RSCC Super Stockers specification book.

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