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Queensland Super Stocker Title

Nominations for Round Five of the 2023-24 Season have now OPENED!

Nominations close in:


If you have any questions or are having difficulties in completing this form, please call us on 0438 041 559  for assistance.

Nomination Details

Driver's First Name
Driver's Last Name
please write ODL if you are planning on applying for a One Day Licence. Please note: drivers can only apply for 2 x ODL in any one season
Please enter which class/division you are nominating for. E.g. Juniors, Super Stockers, Street Stocks etc.
Please enter you club prefix and car number above.
Please enter the name of the club your car is registered with for the 2021-22 season.

Transponders can be hired for $15 at scrutineering. Cash only accepted

Camping - COVID Restrictions permitting

Camping facilities are available at the Rockhampton Showgrounds on Race Nights ONLY! – COVID Plan permitting!

Scrutineering Agreement

All cars, drivers and passengers must attend scrutineering during the designated scrutineering time. Anyone who does not attend during the allocated time will be rear of field for all their heats – NO EXCEPTIONS. Please ensure you bring your license, logbook and safety gear including fire extinguishers with you. Passengers must also bring their license and safety gear. A parent or guardian must attend scrutineering if the driver is under the age of 18. The Rockhampton Saloon Car Club Inc executive committee has the right to refuse any nomination.

I Understand & Accept the Scrutineering and Nomination Conditions

Media Consent

I give authorisation for the Rockhampton Saloon Car Club Inc., promoters of the Rockhampton Saloon Car Club Inc, and its media personnel to use any photographs, video footage or sound recording, productions, presentations, or media. This includes all electronic media such as the internet, websites, and social networking sites.

Consent for use of Photographs/film/video etc. is hereby granted to the Rockhampton Saloon Car Club Inc., advertising and promotional agencies, and their agents (collectively), the irrevocable, unrestricted right to use, publish, display and distribute materials bearing my name, voice, likeness or any other identifiable representation of myself.

These materials may appear in any form, style, colour, or medium whatsoever now or hereafter known (including, without limitation, photographs, videotapes, films, sound recordings, software, drawings, prints, broadcast, internet, and electronic media).

I agree that all materials containing any identifiable representation of me (including, without limitation, all negatives, plates, and masters of any photographs, files, prints or tapes)shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of the Rockhampton Saloon Car Club Inc, and I hereby assign any proprietary right I may have acquired in or to such material to the Rockhampton Saloon Car Club Inc.

I hereby release and forever discharge the Rockhampton Saloon Car Club Inc. from any and all liability and damages relating to the use of my name, voice, likeness, or any other identifiable representation of me.

I hereby waive any right I may have to inspect or approve the finished materials or any part or element thereof that incorporates my name, voice, likeness, or any other identifiable representation of myself.

I have agreed to the above in consideration of the opportunity given to me by the Rockhampton Saloon Car Club Inc.. to appear in these materials.

I acknowledge that I have fully read and understand this document and that I have had any questions regarding its effect or the meaning of its terms answered to my satisfaction. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age.

I Understand & Accept the Media Release Conditions

Data Collection & Storage

Electronic Signature Agreement

If applicant is under the age of 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must countersign this form.


Nominations Open

Junior Sedans - Piston Cup

Nominations for Round Two of the 2023-24 Season have now OPENED!

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Nominations Closed

Nominations for the third round of the 2023-24 Season are now CLOSED!

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