Race Calander 2016-17

10th September 2016

Practice Day.

8th October 2016

Speedway Silly Season Opener - Production Sedans CQ Title, F500 Rumble Series Round 1, Juniors, AMCA Nationals, Super Stockers, Street Stocks and Rockin' Ramp Racin'

29th October 2016

2nd Annual Super Sedan Summer Slam - Super Sedans (Qld Series Round and Round 1 CQ Series), Modified Sedans CQ Title & CQ Modified Sedans Masters Series Round 1,  AMCA Nationals, Super Stockers and Street Stocks

26th November 2016

Speedway vs Monster Truck Spectacular - Monster Trucks, Freestyle Motocross, Fireworks, North vs Sough Rocky Team Racing, Street Stocks, Super Stockers, Juniors and AMCA Nationals - Yet to be confirmed.

17th December 2016

2nd Annual Kids Day at the Speedway - Juniors CQ Title, CQ Wingless Sprints Title, Street Stocks, CQ Super Sedan All Stars Series Round 2, AMCA Nationals, F500 Rumble Series Round 2 and Rockin' Ramp Racin'

21st January 2017

Back to School Bonanza - Production Sedans, F500 Rumble Series Round 3, CQ Super Sedans All Stars Series Round 3, Juniors, Super Stockers and AMCA Nationals

28th January 2017

Practice Day - To be confirmed

18th February 2017

Tin Top Smackdown - SSQ Qld Production Sedan Title, CQ Modified Sedan Masters Series Round 2, Street Stocks, Super Stockers, AMCA Nationals, Juniors

11th March 2017

Beef Capital Backlash - Formula 500's Qld Title, CQ Street Stocks Title, CQ Super Sedan All Stars Series Round 4, Juniors, Super Stockers and Rockin' Ramp Racin'

15th-16th April 2017

Australian V8 Dirt Modified Title - V8 Dirt Modifieds, Aaron Smithwick Memorial Qld Super Stocker Title, CQ Modified Sedan Masters Series Round 3 Finale (Night 2 Only) and Modlites - To be confirmed

6th May 2017

Sizzling Season Finale - Qld AMCA Nationals Title, Street Stocks 20/20, Super Stockers, Juniors, Super Sedan CQ All Stars Series Round 5 Finale and Rockin' Ramp Racin'

The above dates have been confirmed for the 2016/2017 Race Season.


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