Driver Profiles




 Driver: Abi Meehan
Nickname: Ab
Occupation:  Student
 Class: Junior Sedans
Sponsors: Harbour City Harley Davidson, Ocean Tyres, Darling Downs Harley Davidson, Art By Mickey, Chapman's Auto Repair, Warflow's and Buddy's Fire.
 Car Make/Model: Daihatsu Charade

2014 / 2015 Maryborough Junior Club Champion, Best Presented Speedway Sedans Australia Junior Sedan, winning back to back heat races at Carina Speedway and overcoming my fears following my accident. 

Ambitions:  In the future, I endeavour to drive a Production Sedan and ultimately win a title.
Your motivation in Speedway: Personally, my motivation in Speedway is to improve my speeds, positions and points, with each race meeting. James MacFadden and Stacy Galliford are my Speedway role models, but Derek Rabelo has invigorated me with a never give up ideology, no matter that obstructions you meet. 
How did you get involved in Speedway:  My father (Cam Meehan) has raced within Speedway for numerous years, in classes ranging from Bombers to Super Sedans but my initial initiation into Speedway came when friends of ours graciously offered me a Corolla to race. Since that moment I have been hooked, and I can't wait to see where Speedway takes me in the future.





 Driver: Beau Smithwick
Nickname: BoBo
 Class: Junior Sedans
Sponsors: Signtek Gladstone, Smithwick Excavations, Advance Exhausts, Tomkin's Race Engines, Love Auto Electrics, Barnes Drilling, GJK Contractors, Allied Parts and Arnold's Advance Tyres.
 Car Make/Model: Toyota Corolla Ke30

Winning my first Heat.

Ambitions: In the future, I endeavour to drive a Production Sedan and ultimately win a title.
Your motivation in Speedway: Family, kids, speed, fun, friendship etc). The main thing I race for is to have fun and follow in my dad's footsteps 
How did you get involved in Speedway: The main reason I am into speedway is my dad and my family



 Driver:  Dakota Laverty
Occupation: Student
 Class: Junior Sedans
Sponsors: Frater Asbestos and Demolition, Caloundra Exhaust Systems, Aussie Brakes And Mechanical, Eastcoast Engine Centre, Power Curve Performance, R & SWatson Transport Gympie, Jungles Squirt Jobs, Uncle Joe's Pocket, DLS Contracting, Ford Street Mechanical, Art by Mickey, Art of Speed, Chris' Personal Gifts, Hervey Bay Tilt Tray Hire, Bursons, Bevos Tyre Services, Mr Click Photography, Awesome Autism Resources.
 Car Make/Model:  Daihatsu Charade G100 3 cylinder

2 Feature wins in season 2016-17, Highest points for a junior and Most Improved Driver in Sunshine Coast Speedway Club, 4th place in Shannon's Insurance Junior Series 2016-17.

Your motivation in Speedway: Having fun and making new friends
How did you get involved in Speedway: My mum and dad raced as well as my 2 older brothers.



 Driver: Jack Cameron 
Nickname: JC 
Occupation: Mine Specials Courier Driver/ Pizza maker
 Class: Junior Sedans 
Sponsors: Hooper Constructions, James Hannon Painting, Boss Designs, Acceleration Fabrications, Antonio's Pizzeria, Arnold's tyres, Flatchat Deliveries. 
 Car Make/Model: Daihastsu Charade 

13 feature wins(22/3/17), QLD 4, CQ 2. 

Your motivation in Speedway: My family, speedway mates and pushing myself to the limit. 
How did you get involved in Speedway:

I had a few mates who raced but been watching since I was young.




 Driver:  Nikolas Keeley
Nickname:  Niko
 Class: Junior Sedans 
Sponsors: Gladstone Wholesale Paint Group, Gladstone Printing Services 
 Car Make/Model: Datsun 120y 


Ambitions: Future Title Holder 
Your motivation in Speedway: To make dad proud for everything he has done for me since day one and to prove to mates that speedway is the best 
How did you get involved in Speedway:  Watching dad race from a young age, and decided that speedway was the sport for me.



 Driver: Daniel Lennon
Nickname:  DJ
Occupation: Plasterer 
 Class: Super Stockers 
Sponsors: Dans Qwiktow, Qwikfix Plastering, Twiggys Advanced Exhausts, Rockhampton Metal fabrication, Cap Coast Sand and Soil, Rockhampton Batteries, 
 Car Make/Model: Holden Commodore VZ 

Won CQ Fender Bender Title, Super Stocker Season Winner 2015-16

Your motivation in Speedway: Adrenalin, good bunch of people, nothing else to do with my spare time
How did you get involved in Speedway: Dad



 Driver: Russell Cowley
 Class: Modified Production
 Car Make/Model: Ford Falcon


Your motivation in Speedway:  
How did you get involved in Speedway: